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How does it work?

I travel to farmers’ markets and grocery stores throughout the Northeast. Customers drop off their knives, do their shopping, and pick up on the way out.


How much does sharpening cost?

Sharpening for most items is $1.50/ inch sharpened. This includes most kitchen knives and scissors. A paring knife usually costs between $4 and $6, and a chef’s knife is between $8 and $12.

Low-angle (under 15 degrees per side) and asymmetrical knives require more work and cost $2.25/ inch.

Is it possible to fix broken tips and chipped edges? 

Yes, depending on the size and location of the damage. Repairs start at $4.

What can you sharpen?

All kitchen knives, including serrated knives, cleavers, Japanese knives, and ceramic knives. I also sharpen scissors (including pinking shears) and straight-edged garden tools, such as loppers or shears. I do not sharpen toothed tools such as hedge clippers or saws. If you have a question about sharpening a particular item, please contact me and ask!


How do I safely bring my knives?

Please rubber band your knives in a large dish towel and label the outside with your name and a contact number.


What equipment do you use? 

I sharpen with a low speed Tormek sharpening system, equipped with CBN grinding wheels. I also use a Wolff Twice-as-Sharp scissor sharpening system.

Do you sharpen by appointment?

I can sharpen at customers’ houses if they can organize a group to come, minimum 10 people. In the past I’ve sharpened for quilting guilds, cooking clubs, and neighborhood groups.

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