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My name is Harper Keehn and I'm a traveling knife sharpener who has been working in the Northeast for nearly a decade. In that time I've sharpened over 45,000 knives, scissors, and garden tools. I sharpen all types of knives, including ceramic, serrated, and low-angle or asymmetrical Japanese knives. 

I work at farmers' markets, grocery stores, and have two drop off locations in Providence, where I live. The drop off service runs weekly, and I typically go to each market twice in the spring and twice in the fall. I follow this rhythm because six months is when repeat customers typically have something they'd like me to re-sharpen. 

I use a low-speed Tormek T8 grinder with custom CBN wheels for knives, and a Wolff Twice-as-Sharp scissor sharpener for scissors. I sharpen most kitchen knives at 15 degrees per side, but am happy to sharpen at other angles if you have a special request.  

photo credit: Barbra Revill

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